James Rodante

Senior Copywriter / Content Creator / Marketing Strategist

"He never fails to deliver..."

"Jim helps support me in so many ways: product announcements and press releases, award submissions, white papers...the list goes on. He never fails to deliver - even when it means pushing back so that we get to the heart of the matter, ensuring that we have a really well-written, insightful end result. His efforts have helped me win awards, garner great press coverage and ultimately sell more!"

Claudia Barbiero, Solutions Manager, Crestron

"...a terrific colleague..."

"James Rodante is a terrific colleague. It’s a pleasure working with Jim. With very short deadlines, Jim successfully writes copy for all our online content, digital assets, ads, brochures and awards submissions. Jim made us all proud again this year with all the product and industry awards we won."

  Vincent Bruno, Director of Marketing, Crestron

Good copywriting beats the greatest salesman in the world


The late great David Ogilvy said, “If it doesn't sell, it isn't creative.” Pioneer ad man Claude Hopkins said, “Advertising is simply salesmanship in print.” Legendary DDB Worldwide founder, Bill Bernbach said, “Our job is to bring the dead facts to life.” These truths guide my approach to every project across every medium.

Whether the content is digital, print, online or off, each communication deserves the same dedication and persuasive copywriting. That’s where I, and over 20 years of marketing and sales experience, come in.

Copywriting, content marketing, and much more

As a student of the art and science of marketing, I study the greats. This habit, plus 10 years of in-the-trenches copywriting experience, helps me create clear, on-brand concepts and messaging that drives readership, response, engagement, and most importantly, sales.

As a Senior Copywriter and Content Manager for large technology companies for the past decade, I've managed too many digital projects to count. Marketing content creation is my specialty, but my value to you only begins there. If you need an experienced, hardworking copywriter - and a passionate marketer -  connect with me today.